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Youth Health Working Group Event

The online healthy living training organized by the "Youth Health Working Group" of our association is an initiative designed to have a positive impact on the lives of young people. This training program aims to provide participants with the opportunity to raise awareness and practice healthy eating habits. It aims to make physical activity a part of daily life by enabling young people to learn simple exercises that they can implement in their daily routines. In addition, information on basic health practices that can be integrated into daily life was also provided to support participants in adapting these habits to their lives in a sustainable way.

During the training, participants were informed about healthy living in an interactive environment and supported with practical applications. The event, which lasted 4 hours in total, was organized with the participation of 20 association members and 40 local participants, and an interactive environment was created with the questions of the participants. In this way, healthy living habits were reinforced not only on a theoretical level, but also by combining them with practical solutions suitable for the participants' daily lives. The training attracted great interest and participation as a platform that aims to increase the health awareness of young people, to guide them towards an active lifestyle and to spread these habits in the community.


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