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Our Working Groups

Democratic Participation Working Group

Building young generations that respect human rights, adopt universal values, are democratic, accountable, transparent, participatory, and have high civic awareness.
Creating awareness for young people about Citizenship, Active Citizenship, and Digital Citizenship.
Dissemination of democracy awareness among young people.
Increasing the direct participation of young people in decision-making processes.
Encouraging young people to participate actively in non-governmental organizations and disseminating projects to raise awareness among young people in this field.
Increasing the representation of young people in the formation of Youth Policies.

Employment and Entrepreneurship Working Group

Increasing incentives and support for young entrepreneurship.
To bring together the important actors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the entrepreneurship network.
To enable young people to take a role in policy and decision-making on innovation and entrepreneurship.
To lead the development of ideas and methods on topics such as terminology, education, and working conditions for young people regarding innovation and entrepreneurship.

Disadvantaged Young People and Social Inclusion Working Group

Increasing interest in projects related to disadvantaged individuals.
Preventing disadvantaged youth from being exposed to social exclusion and contributing to their inclusion in society
To provide a better understanding of the needs of disadvantaged individuals by organizing empathy workshops.
Contributing to changing theDisadvantaged Young People and Social Inclusion Working Group
wrong perspectives towards disadvantaged individuals in society in the right direction.
To increase the young people's interest in academic studies related to disadvantaged groups and make them gain a scientific identity for their perspectives on this field.

Culture and Creativity Working Group

Contributing to the social capacity development of people with the creation of a culture of social life.
Carrying out activities for the sharing and preservation of cultures in each region of the geography we live in.
Capacity building with young people in the intergenerational and intercultural field.
To lead the preservation of national and spiritual values.
Carrying out studies for the protection of cultural heritage.
Raising awareness about supporting young artists by encouraging young people to have an interest in at least one of the branches of art.

Youth Health Working Group

Contributing to the training of young leaders in the field of health.
Helping young people to protect themselves from addiction.
Ensuring the promotion of sportive life and enabling young people to be more active through sport.

Youth and Environment Working Group

Increasing the awareness of young people towards the environment and environmental problems.
Raising awareness of young people on global warming, climate change, recycling, sustainable development and consumption culture.
Enabling young people to have information about and calculate carbon footprint, plastic footprint and ecological footprint.
To make young people see humans as a part of nature rather than a dominant power over nature.
Taking action against all kinds of environmental pollution.
Increasing the number of ecological literacy.
Ensuring that individuals respect all living things.


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