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About Us

Our organization, which was founded by 5 entrepreneurs as a youth group before it became an association, aims to carry out studies on 6 basic issues (democratic participation, disadvantaged young people and inclusion, youth health, environment and sustainability, employment and entrepreneurship, culture and creativity) that affect the society. It was also established to participate in studies, produce new projects on these issues, increase the quality of youth work, contribute to the intercultural solidarity, bring together young people with decision-makers at home and abroad, and encourage young people to engage in voluntary activities in projects that benefit society.
Within our association, we have many members from different professions such as students, teachers, academics, athletes, economists, psychologists, artists, health workers, environmental specialists, and software developers. Thanks to these friends who work in different professions, the working area of our association is expanding day by day and its target group is diversifying. In this context, as we mentioned above, we operate in 6 basic working areas. Our teams in these areas have their own long-term Strategic Goals and they work with a team.

Our Vision

It is to build a future in which young people receive a qualified education and are protected, mobile and active.

Youth is not a period of time in life. It is a way of thinking. 

William James

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