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  • Asociace Aktivní právníci pro mládež z.s.


The online health training organized by the Youth Health Working Group aimed to raise awareness among young members of our association and local participants on healthy living habits. This comprehensive training program focused on helping young people adopt sustainable and conscious health habits that are adaptable to their daily lives.

The training was organized for 20 association members and 40 local participants in an interactive environment and lasted 4 hours in total. During this time, participants were provided with detailed information on the importance of healthy nutrition during youth, ways to get the right nutrients into their bodies, and strategies to avoid fast food and processed foods.

The training was not limited to theoretical information; participants were also shown practical exercises that they could apply at home and at work. The exercises were aimed at young people who have limited time in the busy pace of daily life and aimed to emphasize that an active lifestyle is possible not only in gyms but also in their daily routines.

Another important element of the training is basic health practices that young people can integrate into their daily lives. In this context, practical tips on topics such as stress management, regular sleep habits and water consumption were given and participants were guided to implement these suggestions.

The event was interactive and provided a platform where participants could get instant answers to their questions. In this way, the participants were not only listeners but also active participants in the process. At the end of the training, the aim was for young people to be more conscious and motivated about healthy living habits and support was provided to help them achieve this goal.


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